General Meeting – March 4, 2014
Location and Time:
  Meeting held at Illiano's J & P Restaurant, 480 Meadow Creek Drive, Westminster, MD and called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Darlene Welsh, President.
  Lynda Arnold, Anne Bennof, Janet Breeding, Joe Dragan, Karen Durilla, Jessica, Mike, Alex & Chloe Dustin, Carolyn Garber, Nancy Hoffa, Kristy Kraus, Bridget McCullough, Peggy Miller, Dave Radcliffe, Jonathan, Jessica, Catelyn, JJ & Joshua Strong, Calvin Sullivan, Shayne Twigg, Wendy Valonis, Darlene Welsh, Laurie Witcher, Joe Zentgraf, Tina Shupp.
Volunteer Hours
  January and February 2014: 170 hours
Secretary's Report:
  Motion by Jessica Dustin to approve the minutes of the meeting held on January 7, 2014 (no meeting on 2/4/14 due to inclement weather); second by Nancy Hoffa. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
  Janet Breeding provided the report
for February 2014 and March 2014
Equestrian Center Report: Darlene Welsh
  Bridget McCullough reported the contract with the Carroll County Western Circuit for the show on 3/30/14 has been signed. Other dates have been reserved: May 10 – Maryland Region Pony Club Games Rally; May 18 – Capital Region Pony Club Games Rally.
Equestrian Center Maintenance Report:
  Peggy Miller advised there are limbs/tree debris down due to the storms.
  Tina Shupp reported an email was received from a neighboring property owner regarding construction debris that was dumped on the roadway (party area) at the Equestrian Center. Jeff Degitz (Director - Carroll County Recreation and Parks) responded to the report and indicated the Equestrian Council should report these types of things. *Note: Please review previous meeting minutes (archived on for detailed reports on incidents/damages at this area.
Old Business
  18th Annual Horse World Expo (January 17 – 19, 2014)
Carolyn thanked all who helped staff the booth; Lynda Arnold, Janet Breeding, Kathy Dobson, Joe Dragan, Frank & Karen Durilla, Jessica Dustin, Jackie Eden, Carolyn Garber, Todd Laudeman, Bridget McCullough, Donna McCullough, Peggy Miller, Linda Polzin, Dave Radcliffe, Jean Swartz , Jonathan, Cathy, Jessica & Joshua Strong, Darlene Welsh, Joe Zentgraf. Thanks were also sent to Denise Parsons of Equestrian Promotions, Inc. for providing the double 10 x 10 booth space (valued at $1250.) at no charge. Discussion followed regarding the location of our booth, close to the demonstration area and the general attendance/inquiries; Friday evening 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. was extremely slow and no demonstrations were scheduled in the arena near the booth; Saturday afternoon was very busy. Suggestion was made to add an additional person for Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning provided at least 12 good contacts. Thanks to Darlene Welsh…the display board and booth received great comments.

Facebook Photo Contest
Linda Polzin provided another draft of the promotional flyer; edits were noted; final version will be available with the minutes.

Calendar of Events – Special Presentation April 1, 2014
Bridget McCullough reported arrangements have been made for Lester R Vough, PhD Associate Professor Emeritus & Extension Specialist, Forage Systems Management, University of Maryland and Amy O. Burk, PhD Associate Professor & Extension Horse Specialist, University of Maryland to present Hay Buying 101 and Noxious Pasture Weeds. Promotional flyer to be distributed.

4-H Therapeutic Riding Program of Carroll County - Horse Fair Flea Market to be held on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 9:00 – 2:00 at the Shipley Arena at the Agriculture Center, Smith Avenue, Westminster, MD. Motion by Jessica Dustin to participate by having the information booth at the event; second by Joe Zentgraf. Motion passed. Darlene Welsh volunteered to set up the booth and sign-up sheet for booth volunteers was distributed:
9:00 – 10:30 Jessica Dustin and Nancy Hoffa
10:30 – 12:00 Peggy Miller
12:00 – 1:00 Janet Breeding
1:00 – 2:00 Carolyn Garber and Joe Dragan

Raffle – Fundraiser for CCEC
Raffle tickets will be sold for a Hand Painted 10” diameter bowl (Value $75.00) (donated by Janet Breeding) ticket cost $1.00 each/6 for $5.00. Motion by Carolyn Garber for the drawing to be held on December 2, 2014, the CCEC meeting date; second by Peggy Miller. Motion passed. Carolyn will obtain the required permit and have the tickets printed (approximate cost $125.00 for 2,000 tickets.) Raffle tickets will be mailed to all members and available at promotional events, meetings and from the Treasurer, Janet Breeding.

Self Help Project Request
Nothing to report at this time.

Carolyn Garber provided the prices for the various items of apparel with the CCEC logo. Motion by Jessica Dustin to proceed with the contracted prices, adding $1.00 per item; second by Jonathan Strong. Motion passed. The order form will be created/upon approval will be distributed with the minutes and available on the CCEC website.
New Business
  MD Horse Council News – See current issue of the Equiery.
Janet Breeding called attention to page 8 in the March issue of the Equiery regarding the current legislative session. For the most up to date information follow In the February issue of the Equiery, the article “Maryland’s National News Makers” on page 39 included a segment/photo “Carroll County Celebrates Volunteers” highlighting Jessica and

MD DOT Commercial Driver License Regulations
Kristy Kraus reported the Maryland Horse Council meeting agenda for 1/17/14 includes this item that will address license regulations that apply if you trailer your horse or someone else’s.

Southern States Platinum Sponsorship $600.00
At Horse World Expo on 01/19/14, Southern States representative Jessica Morton confirmed this sponsorship for 2014. Carolyn Garber provided the required paperwork for submission.

Southern State SHOW Program
Carolyn Garber reminded members of our participation in this program; CCEC is collecting the proofs of purchase. We would like to be able to collect Southern States bulk feed invoices from a large farm/commercial operation. Members were asked to recruit a donor.

Carroll County Recreation and Parks Spring Program Guide
Janet Breeding indicated that on page 12, details for the Hike to the Dam on Saturday, April 12, from 10 – 11:30 a.m. hosted by Piney Run Park are provided.

Dine-Out Fundraisers
Bridget McCullough reported details of a Chick-fil-A fundraiser; minimum of $500 has to be generated to get 15%; can only be held in the evening hours and promotional display/materials can not be set up.

Glory Days Grill
Cathy Strong will provide more information at a future meeting.

CCEC Promotional Display
Bridget McCullough reported Piney Run Park gave permission for CCEC to set up a display in the Nature Center for one month. Motion by Carolyn Garber to set up the display for the month of April; second by Janet Breeding. Motion passed. Bridget will set up and take down.

Tina Shupp will set up a display in a glass enclosed case for the month of May at the Tourism/Visitor’s Center, 210 E. Main Street, Westminster,MD. Items for the display are needed. Contact Tina at 410-386-2103.
  Motion to adjourn by Dave Radcliffe; second by Kristy Kraus. Meeting adjourned 8:20 p.m.
FOR SALE – Contact Gil Breeding 410-795-4262
  Featherlite aluminium, gooseneck, 3 horse slant trailer, VG condition, full LQ and bath, air conditioned, tack compartment, torsion axles, weight about 7,000 lbs., dividers in livestock compartment removeable so you can haul other items besides livestock, inspected. $18,000 OBO
May 6th Meeting
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Inclement Weather Policy
  If CCPS are closed for the day due to inclement weather – meeting cancelled.
If CCPS has early dismissal due to inclement weather – meeting cancelled.
If CCPS schools remain open Mon-Fri and if the snow emergency plan is in effect – meeting cancelled.
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