General Meeting – June 4, 2013
Location and Time:
  Meeting held at Carroll County Office Building, 225 N. Center Street, Room 003-004 Lower Level, Westminster, MD and called to order at 7:40 p.m. by Bridget McCullough, President.
  Janet Breeding, Jessica Dustin, Carolyn Garber, Bridget McCullough, Peggy Miller, Linda polzin, Joe Zentgraf and Lisa Carroll.
Volunteer Hours
  April 2013: 177.5 hours
Secretary's Report:
  Motion to accept the minutes of 5/7/13 meeting by Linda Polzin; second by Peggy Miller. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
  Janet Breeding announced receipt of $600 from Southern States for Platinum Sponsorship for 2013. Report for May 1 - 31
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Equestrian Center Report: Darlene Welsh
  No report
Equestrian Center Maintenance Report:
  Peggy Miller reported the picnic tables at the Center were inspected; one table needs to be completely renovated; it will be removed from the area until repairs are made. Bob Miller volunteered to make the minor repairs to the other three tables on site. Jessica Dustin volunteered her husband to renovate the one table; she will coordinate with Peggy. The replacement road sign discussed at the May meeting has been ordered; "No Motorized Vehicles" signs have also been ordered. The trash in the party area of Camp Wood brook is still there; the gate was locked again on OS/29/13 by an unknown party. Peggy thanked the volunteers that are doing such a wonderful job mowing at the Center. The topic of Johnson Grass in the hay field was discussed; once the hay has been removed, it should be sprayed. Lisa Carroll will check with Facilities to see if they will spray it.
  Lisa Carroll, Chief, Bureau of Recreation for Carroll County Recreation and Parks introduced herself and was welcomed to the CCEC.
Old Business
  Trail Work Day at Morgan Run NEA on 05/19/13
Carolyn Garber thanked Dave Radcliffe for mowing on 5/18/13; and thanked Joe Dragan, Howard & Marty Lanham and Mickey Rogers for their work on 5/19/13. The PVSP maintenance staff mowed the Ben Rose Lane parking lot; thanks to Mickey Rogers for trimming around the large rocks on 5/25/13 to avoid the use of RoundUp by PVSP maintenance staff. The Central Maryland Saddle Club held a ride on Memorial Day; earlier CMSC donated $100 towards the monthly cost ($47.70) of the portable toilet at Ben Rose Lane.

Trail Work Day at Morgan Run NEA on National Trails Day 06/01/13
Carolyn Garber thanked Janet Breeding, Howard & Mary Lanham and Mickey Rogers for their work. Thanks to Mickey Rogers for repairing the picnic table located at the second tree line intersection. A lunch of hot dogs/drinks/watermelon was enjoyed by all at the newly refurbished picnic table. The Blue Ridge Arabian Horse Association was to hold a ride on 06/02/13; however it was cancelled.

Lack of Volunteers for Trail Maintenance
Discussion pertaining to the low number of volunteers that attend the trail work days and ways to recruit volunteers to help keep the trails accessible was held. Despite the notices on bulletin boards, website, facebook, print media sources, local radio/television and distribution of the calendar of events to local tack and feed stores and library branches, there have not been ad adequate number of volunteers to attack the rapid overgrowth of the trails. Special invitation have been extended to the various user groups and equestrian organizations that host rides at the various trail systems; with no results to date. Carolyn Garber asked for help in getting people interested in maintaining the areas they enjoy using.

Discussion followed regarding the use of our large tractor/mower at various trail locations. Lisa Carroll will check with Dave Rohrer at Hashawha regarding the sickle bar mower to see if it actually can I, be attached to/operated by our tractor that is kept at Hashawha. Joe Zentgraf indicated the trailer used to halI the tractor should be ok if pulled by a % ton pickup with RWD; electrical connections will need to be checked to make sure they are compatible.
New Business
  Calendar of Events
Special Presentations - Bridget McCullough reported she contacted Amy Burke at the University of Maryland requesting the "Riding in Vermont" PSA be provided to the large market television stations; no reply to date. After reviewing the list of topics provided by the earlier survey, Bridget McCullough and Linda Polzin offered to pursue the topic of "Pasture Management" and will contact Mt. Airy Southern States, Letter to DNR pertaining to the Central Region Outdoor Recreation Plan update to the Maryland Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan of 2009 - Carolyn Garber volunteered to compose a letter (draft will be reviewed/approved by Bridget McCullough) to be submitted for the public comments deadline of 6/15/13; Janet Breeding and Carolyn Garber plan to attend the public meeting on 6/19/13 at Howard County Robinson Nature Center, 6692 Cedar Lane, Columbia, MD.

Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair 2013
Carolyn Garber reported for Darlene Welsh the Fair dates are July 27 August 2 and traditionally the CCEC participates by providing items for the Silent Auction. Please contact Darlene Welsh at 410-861-5634 or and bring the items to the 07/02/13 meeting at the Equestrian Center (6:00 p.m.).

CCEC Lending Library
Carolyn Garber reported for Darlene Welsh that two VHS tapes (Large Animal Rescue by CPL US Army Jamiee Baker, DVM and and Horse Think, Self Defense for Trail Riders by Scot D. Hansen) have been converted to DVD format at a cost of $15,00 each. Motion by Carolyn Garber to charge a deposit of $15 for each DVD to be rented; deposit returned upon return of the DVD; second by Bridget McCullough. Motion passed. Contact Darlene Welsh at 410-861-5634 or to view these DVDs.

CCEC Sweatshirts and Polo Shirts
Carolyn Garber reported Darlene Welsh will provide inventory of available sizes at the July 2 meeting.

Trail Work Day - Union Mills
Jessica Dustin volunteered to coordinate an additional trail work date on Saturday, September 28,2013 from 8:00 a.rn. - Noon, starting at Kowomu Trail parking area. This date will be added to the Calendar of Events.
  Motion to adjourn by Janet Breeding; second by Linda Polzin. Meeting adjourned 9: 1 0 p.m.
Agenda for July 2nd Meeting
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