General Meeting April 3, 2018
Location and Time:
  Meeting held at Carroll County Office Building, 225 N. Center Street, Room 003-004 Lower Level, Westminster, MD and called to order at 7:35 by Darlene Welsh, President.
  Lynda Arnold, Janet Breeding, Carolyn Garber, Pam Boone-Guercio, Peggy Miller, Dave Radcliffe, Darlene Welsh, Tina Shupp.
Secretary's Report:
  Motion to approve minutes of March 6, 2018 by Lynda Arnold; second by Peggy Miller. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
  See attached report for February 2018. Peggy Miller provided the checking account balance for March is $17,420.43. Peggy also reported that membership for 2018 is very close to the same as 2017. Carolyn Garber added that most of those who have not renewed to date are Equestrian Center users. Peggy reported the deposit refund check issued earlier to Pony Club is still outstanding/has not been presented for payment and will not be honored for payment since it is more than 6 months old. Discussion was held regarding the importance of the return of the check to comply with standard financial procedures.
Equestrian Center Report: Lynda Arnold
  Lynda Arnold met with members of Carroll County Western Circuit at the Center and reminded them that in order to be able to ride in the rings as individuals (not on Show Dates) membership in the Equestrian Council is required and Rules/Release forms must be signed and on file for each individual. Carolyn offered to prepare info sheet that can be distributed to the members of the CCWC in the Exhibitors Packet. Linda reported the Burnt Woods Pony Club Mounted Games event date has been changed from 5/12/18 to 5/19/18. Discussion was held regarding the changing of the combination to the rings/the new combination will be installed on 4/21/18. Current members will receive the new combination via phone call (person to person) from Lynda Arnold, Equestrian Center Manager. Carolyn Garber offered to assist in making the phone calls. Note: the new combination will not be sent by email/left on a voice mail and is not to be shared with non-members.
  Tina Shupp provided Spring Program Guides featuring events and activities. The 3rd annual Golf Tournament to support the Park Legacy Fund has been renamed to “Bruce Dutterer Memorial Golf Tournament” and will be held on Friday, May 18, 2018 at Oakmont Green. (Note the date shown in the Spring Program Guide Monday, May 21 is incorrect.) A community yard sale will be held Saturday, 4/21/18, at the South Carroll Senior & Community Center. A facility use permit was issued to TROT for Piney Run Equestrian Trails parking area for Thursday, May 24 and Friday, May 25. Signs have been posted on the information board at the parking area on Martz Road (off Liberty Road) in Eldersburg.
Old Business
  4-H Therapeutic Riding Program/Horse Fair
Darlene Welsh reported the event was held on Sunday, March 18,2018 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Shipley Arena, Carroll County Ag Center in Westminster. The event was well attended and there were several more vendors this year. Thanks to Lynda Arnold, Janet Breeding, Joe Dragan, Carolyn Garber and Darlene Welsh. Lynda Arnold suggested the Equestrian Council have a plastic bag and crayons to give away with the coloring pages at the next promotional event; she will obtain prices on the items that would include the CCEC logo.

Social Dinner at E. W. Beck’s Restaurant & Pub in Sykesville
Darlene Welsh reported the event was postponed from March 20 (due to snow) and was held on March 27 with 15 members: Lynda Arnold, Janet Breeding, Joe Dragan & Carolyn Garber, Kyle & Mike Gafney, Marty & Howard Lanham, Peggy & Bob Miller, Dave & Susie Radcliffe, Art & Judy Thacher, Darlene Welsh. A delicious meal was enjoyed by all.

Special Programs
Darlene Welsh reported she contacted Janie Dell in regards to a presentation on Nutrient Management; she is no longer in that position. Request to members to offer suggestions/presenters for Special Programs will be included again in the minutes.

New Business
  Janet Breeding reported a recent incident
in the Gillis Falls Trails area where an individual hauling an ATV asked a local resident about riding on the Gillis Falls Trails and presented information on a website ( that indicated ATV trails were available. An internet search during the meeting revealed the website and information that had been referred. Discussion was held regarding the amount of information on the web/apps that cannot be controlled. Reminder to call Carroll County Sheriff’s Office (410-386-2900 Ext 5 for Duty Officer) if ATVs are on the property/trails.

Carolyn Garber reported that after last month’s discussion regarding the easy access to the Gillis Falls Trails by 4WD Pickups and ATVs at the lower parking lot on Grimville Road, a request to lock the county gate and install barriers on each side of the gate was made to Bureau of Facilities Chief.

Piney Run Equestrian Trails
Darlene Welsh reported the Ag Commission needs an Equine representative for a 3-year term. Application is available on the Carroll County Government website: ccg/boards/apply.aspx.

Carroll County Agricultural Commission
Darlene Welsh reported the Ag Commission needs an Equine representative for a 3-year term. Application is available on the Carroll County Government website: ccg/boards/apply.aspx.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Land Preservation and Recreation Survey Now Open
Janet Breeding reported this survey opened 2/6/18 where citizens and visitors are encouraged to provide feedback. Go to to complete the survey and keep equestrian access to State owned land. “The Maryland Department of Natural Resources invites residents and nonresidents to share their thoughts on land acquisition, conservation and recreation in the state by completing the Maryland Land Preservation and Recreation Plan Survey. Individuals who complete the 3-5 minute online survey will be entered into a random drawing to win Maryland Park Service day-use passes.The survey, which includes questions on outdoor activities, amenities and services like camping, fishing and hunting, helps guide the department’s decision-making, investments and programming.Results will be incorporatd into the Land Preservation and Recreation Plan, which is required to receive federal funding from the National Park Service’s Land and Water Conservation Fund. “Taking the pulse of our customers, guests and users is essential to our strategic development, planning and prioritization goals and needs,” Maryland Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton said. “Are we meeting our customers’ expectations by providing them exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities? Are we shortchanging an evolving customer base or meeting their need? Are we spending too much on trail construction and maintenance over historical interpretation and programming? These are but a few of the questions we need your help in answering.” The survey – a combination of multiple choice and open-ended questions – seeks to clarify how people access and utilize public lands, including state forests, parks and wildlife management areas, and if the department is meeting demands and needs.”

Darlene Welsh advised we still need a Trail Work Day coordinator for the Union Mills Trails. If you ride the trails in the Union Mills area and would be willing to lead 2 – 3 trail work days during the year, please contact Darlene Welsh at 443-289-8926.

  Motion to adjourn by Dave Radcliffe; second by Peggy Miller. Meeting adjourned 8:40 p.m.
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