General Meeting August 5, 2014
Location and Time:
  Meeting held at Carroll County Equestrian Center, 2512 Grimville Road, Mt. Airy, MD and called to order at 6:45 p.m. by Darlene Welsh, President.
  Jon Arnold, Lynda Arnold, Anne Bennof, Janet Breeding, Carolyn Garber, Bridget McCullough, Peggy and Bob Miller, Linda Polzin, Amanda Rose, Darlene Welsh, Joe Zentgraf.
Volunteer Hours
  July 2014: 109.5 hours
Secretary's Report:
  Motion by Bridget McCullough to approve the minutes of the meeting held on July 1, 2014; second by Anne Bennof. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
  Janet Breeding reported the Certificate of Deposit ($6,508.00) with BB&T is due to be renewed 09/13/14. Motion by Peggy Miller to increase the amount to $10,000.00 and to renew for 1 year; second by Bridget McCullough. Motion passed.
Report for July 2014 View Here
Equestrian Center Report: Darlene Welsh
  Bridget McCullough reported CCWC is scheduled for 9/7 and 9/21 is the CCEC 30th Anniversary Reunion Fun Day and Potluck Picnic. Bridget donated 16’ pressure treated boards to be used for repairs to “Joe’s Playground.”
Equestrian Center Maintenance Report:
  Peggy Miller reported the two portable toilets the CCWC rents for their shows were tipped over and two boards were ripped off next to the gate with the combination lock on at Ring 2. Repairs to the ring/boards were replaced promptly since CCWC show was the next day. Due to the regular rain, mowing has been done every 10 – 14 days. Thanks to Janet Breeding, Linda Polzin and Peggy and Bob Miller for mowing in July. Thanks to Bridget McCullough for applying weed killer around the rings and on the jump run. Thanks to Gil Breeding for mowing the hayfield, removing a downed tree and replacing the rotten tree to make a nice jump, and for using the sickle bar mower around the Center to trim the sides of brush and overgrowth.
  No report
Old Business
  Morgan Run Trail Work Day 07/13/14
Carolyn Garber thanked Dave Radcliffe (for mowing), Theone Andrew & Randy Hulse, Joe Dragan, Karen & Frank Durilla, Marty & Howard Lanham, Lynda Rogers, Mickey , for their hard work! Several blocked trails were reopened and mowing was able to be done.

4-H and FFA Fair Silent Auction Items
Darlene Welsh reported that two baskets were provided to the 4-H and FFA Fair Silent Auction held July 26 – August 1, 2014. A CCEC Cap and a 1 year free membership were Included in each basket with items donated by members.

Self Help Project Request
Entrance/Exit at Equestrian Center a.k.a. “Exit Plan” Lynda Arnold volunteered to coordinate this Self-Help project and asked for more information to be provided so the appropriate contacts can be made. The drawing prepared earlier by Bob Miller will be provided to Lynda. We may not be able to meet the deadline for Self-Help Project request forms this time. (*After the meeting, info was provided to CCEC indicating deadline of 09/03/14 to submit projects that will be submitted to the Recreation and Parks Board on 09/24/15.)

Friends of Carroll Recreation and Parks
Carolyn Garber attended the meeting held on 7/22/14. This organization is the 501(c)3 affiliate for donations to the CCEC. Many of the agenda items addressed were not applicable to the Equestrian Council.

Equestrian Center Tree Trimming
Bridget McCullough reported she obtained three estimates ($4,195.00/$1,995.00/$1,000.00.) to trim the high branches of the trees along the road and around the jump run and to chip/blow chips in the woods, except along the driveway. Motion by Carolyn Garber to award contract to DuBois Tree Service $1,995.00 quote and use funds from the CCEC treasury for the project; second by Janet Breeding. Motion passed. Bridget will contact Tina Shup/Recreation and Parks Office regarding the contractors license and certificate of insurance.
New Business
  MD Horse Council News
See current issue of The Equiery.
Janet Breeding called attention to items on pages 10, 20, 45 and 73 of the August issue.

Facebook Photo Contest
Darlene Welsh announced the winner for the Spring Season was Anna Weaver.

Request for 16’ gate/2 new posts in Ring 2
Peggy Miller reported she met with Ken Stockdale to discuss the request. No action to be taken at this time.

30th Anniversary Reunion/Fun Day Potluck Picnic
Sunday, September 21, 2014
Motion by Carolyn Garber to mail raffle tickets and the 30th Anniversary event notice to all who have signed release/rules to use the Equestrian Center rings; second by Janet Breeding. Motion passed.

Gillis Falls Trails Reroute
Jon Arnold presented a proposal to reroute a section of the trail that is currently very steep and rocky by creating a switchback; he volunteered to do the work. Motion by Peggy Miller to accept the proposal; second by Joe Zentgraf. Motion passed. Detailed information will be forwarded to Tina Shupp/Recreation and Parks.

Maryland Horse Industry Board
Darlene Welsh reported the MHIB is accepting grant applications from August 4, 2014 – October 3,, 2014. Projects will be evaluated for their value to the industry, degree of industry promotion, size and scope of activity, financial need, potential for matching funds, benefits and quality of the written presentation. Grant requests should not exceed $3,000. The average grant amount is approximately $1,200. In 2014, 28 projects received $30,000 in grant allocations.

Maryland Horse Council Meeting
August 26, 2014 at New Market Grange, New Market, MD. See The Equiery for more details.
  Motion to adjourn by Peggy Miller; second by Bridget McCullough. Meeting adjourned 7:45 p.m.
FOR SALE – Contact Gil Breeding 410-795-4262
  Featherlite aluminium, gooseneck, 3 horse slant trailer, VG condition, full LQ and bath, air conditioned, tack compartment, torsion axles, weight about 7,000 lbs., dividers in livestock compartment removeable so you can haul other items besides livestock, inspected. $18,000 OBO
September 2nd Meeting
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Inclement Weather Policy
  If CCPS are closed for the day due to inclement weather – meeting cancelled.
If CCPS has early dismissal due to inclement weather – meeting cancelled.
If CCPS schools remain open Mon-Fri and if the snow emergency plan is in effect – meeting cancelled.
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