General Meeting – August 6, 2013
Location and Time:
  Meeting held at Carroll County Equestrian Center and after a potluck dinner provided by attendees, was called to order at 6:55 p.m. by Bridget McCullough, President.
  Lynda Arnold, Anne Bennof, Janet Breeding, Carolyn Garber, Nancy Hoffa, Bridget McCullough, Peggy & Bob Miller, Linda Polzin, Cathy & Jessica Strong, Darlene Welsh, Joe Zentgraf,.
Volunteer Hours
  April 2013: 177.5 hours
Secretary's Report:
  Joe Zentgraf advised a correction to be made to the July minutes; remove “Brad Rogers (Bureau Chief of Parks/Carroll County Recreation and Parks) used the sickle bar mower…” and replace with “Dave Rohrer (Park Superintendent/Hashawha Environmental Center/Bear Branch Nature Center) used the sickle bar mower…” Motion to approve minutes of July 2, 2013 meeting as corrected by Peggy Miller; second by Darlene Welsh. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report:
  Janet Breeding reported Recreation and Parks is compiling program and statistical information to be included in the 2013 Annual Report. Information was requested for the fiscal year July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 and was submitted on 8/5/13 (prior to the deadline of 8/15/13.)
Total Recreation Council Income: $7,821.10
Total Recreation Council Expenses: $6,553.82
Janet Breeding reported a CD in the amount of $6,508.92 with BB&T is coming due on 8/10/13. Motion to renew the CD with BB&T by Darlene Welsh; second by Linda Polzin. Motion passed
Treasurer’s report for July 1 – 31, 2013.
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Equestrian Center Report: Darlene Welsh
  Darlene Welsh reported the contract for Harrison Mule Days (to be held at the Equestrian Center on October 4, 5, 6,013) will be sent out. Several signed Release/Rules for Use of the Show rings have been received from new individual users.
Equestrian Center Maintenance Report:
  Peggy Miller reported the directional sign at Watersville & Flag Marsh Road has been has been installed. THANK YOU to Carroll County Dept.of Roads staff ! The “No Motorized Vehicles” sign at the Hunter’s Parking Lot is still posted. THANK YOU to Gil Breeding for mowing the hayfield, the front of the property along Grimville Road and for trimming the jump area of all the brush trying to grow into the jump run. THANK YOU to the volunteers for mowing the Center: Janet Breeding, Bridget McCullough, Robert Polzin, Bob & Peggy Miller. The parking lot along Grimville Road is still in need of repair; Peggy asked if Tina Shupp put in a work order for the repairs since it was discussed at the July meeting. (After the meeting on 8/7/13: Tina advised a work order was submitted after the July meeting.)

Peggy reported on 8/4/13 she walked to the “Party Area.” There is a large 25-30ft.tree down that is being burned at both ends with a huge pile of ash about 12” deep and 6’ in diameter. Another pile of logs is beside the downed tree. Cans and bottles are all over the area. The bridge is being washed all around it, the ground is leaving the concrete. Someone placed a large log across the road, about 300’ from the gate. This obstacle may stop trucks, but not the ATVs. Peggy reported encountering ATVs on the property.

Peggy reported we had a response to our “Wanted: Volunteers to build a cross country jump at the Equestrian Center.” Thanks to Cathy Strong/family, newest members, for answering the call for help! We look forward to seeing the results!

Individual use of the Equestrian Center Rings: Peggy reported that numerous times the combination locks on the ring gates have been checked and found they all are open and on the number that is given out to use the rings. REMINDER: You must spin the numbers before pushing the hasp in for it to lock.

Signage for Individual use of the Equestrian Center Rings: Discussion resulted in the action to be taken – In order to help users remember the rules signed prior to obtaining the combination to use the rings, a copy of the rules will be posted on the gates of each ring.

Mailing to Individual users of the Equestrian Center Rings: Discussion of the various items listed above resulted in action to be taken. Motion by Carolyn Garber; second by Darlene Welsh to send an informational letter to all individual users of the Equestrian Center Rings informing them that in order to avoid having to change the combination lock again so soon (changed in June 2012) another copy of the signed rules/request for compliance will be mailed to all individual users; many of which are not current members of the CCEC; membership will be encouraged to increase users stewardship of the area. Motion passed. Carolyn Garber and Darlene Welsh will work on this mailing.

Peggy Miller mentioned the CCEC usually participates in the Silent Auction held at Harrison Mule Days; she has a bucket to contain the items to be donated by our members. Please bring items to the meeting on 9/3/13 or contact Peggy Miller 410-549-1608.
  Bridget McCullough reported for Tina Shupp: Carroll County Recreation and Parks 3rd Annual Crab Feast Celebration will be held on Saturday, September 28th from 6 – 10 p.m. at the Freedom Optimist Community Hall in Eldersburg. Tickets are $40 and the menu includes steamed crabs and shrimp, pit beef, fried chicken and more. Live music with DJ Mike Rogers and the opportunity to win prizes throughout the evening. All proceeds benefit the Carroll County Park Legacy Fund. FMI or to purchase tickets, call 410-386-2103.
Old Business
  Trail Work Day at Morgan Run 07/19/13
Carolyn Garber thanked Dave Radcliffe (for mowing the day before) and Karen and Frank Durilla, Stephanie Ickes, Mickey Rogers, Cathy Strong (and Josh, Jessica & Catelyn Strong) Joe Dragan, Marty and Howard Lanham (who also provided lunch.)

Friends of Carroll Recreation and Parks
Bridget McCullough reported she attended the meeting on 7/23/13. In preparation for the Volunteer of the Year program to be held on 11/07/13 at the Carroll Arts Center, a video is in production featuring the multigenerational aspects of volunteers for recreation and parks. Bridget suggested we provide the example of our newest members, the Strong family, to show how a family, new to the area, has become actively involved in the equine related recreational opportunities provided in Carroll County. Bridget reported a speaker at the FOCRP meeting addressed the topic of style of coaching in contrast to “winning at all costs.”

Southern States
Carolyn Garber reported although the discount no longer applies we are continuing to participate in the Southern States Show Program. Details are provided on the attached flyer and are on the CCEC website.

4-H FFA Fair (July 27, 2013 – August 2, 2013) Silent Auction
Darlene Welsh reported donations of items to fill two containers were provided. A one-year membership and CCEC polo shirt were also included in each container.
New Business
  MD Horse Council News
See current issue of the Equiery, page 12 “Senate Amendment Threatens Recreational Trails Program Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is planning to offer an amendment (S.Amdt 1742) to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Appropriations act (S.1243). The amendment would strip all funding from the Recreational Trail Program (RTP) and transfer it to pay for bridge repairs. The American Horse Council urges all trail users to call their Senators and ask them to vote no on Senate Amendment 1742. You can reach your Senators by calling the Congressional switchboard at (202)225-3121.” Linda Polzin will post the information on the CCEC Facebook page.

CCEC Polo Shirts and Sweatshirts
Carolyn Garber provided a price quote from the vendor that was used for the existing items. Discussion pertaining to the weight/type of fabric and availability of other items such as hooded sweatshirt (zip front and pullover) and a baseball cap were mentioned. Carolyn will provide additional information at the next meeting and see if samples are available.

CCEC Member decal
Carolyn Garber reported the supply is depleted; price quotes were discussed. No action taken.

Self-Help Project Request due on 9/4/13
Presentation to Recreation and Parks Board on 9/25/13 – No project to submit for this deadline. Future potential projects discussed were: an additional entrance/exit for a one-way in and one-way out without having to create an entire road across the area currently used for parking trail entrance control posts Bridget McCullough volunteered to do research for the trail entrance control posts project.

Special Presentation on October 1, 2013
Bridget McCullough reported she will contact Amy Burke to confirm her presentation on Pasture Management. The regular meeting agenda, including nominations for Officers and Board of Directors, will be postponed until the November 5th meeting.

Pasture Management Goes on the Road
Janet Breeding reported the July issue of Farm Notes (a publication of University of MD Extension) included seminars at two host farms; 9/7/13 at Sagamore Farm in Baltimore County and on 9/21/13 at Hassler Dressage at Riveredge in Cecil County. $35. Per person per seminar (includes all materials and lunch.) Deadline for registration is August 31, 2013. FMI:

Calendar of Events 2014 - CCEC 30th Anniversary
January – Horse World Expo
March – Horse Fair
April 22 – Earth Day
June 7 – National Trails Day
July – Recreation and Parks Month
Park Pursuit include Equestrian Center
Call for artists – faceboard with equestrian theme for photos
Fundraiser dinner – Mt. Airy location
  Motion to adjourn by Darlene Welsh; second by Nancy Hoffa. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned 8:00 p.m.
Agenda for September 3th Meeting
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