General Meeting November 3, 2015
Location and Time:
  Meeting held at Carroll County Office Building, 225 N. Center Street, Room 003-004 Lower Level, Westminster, MD and called to order at 7:35 by Darlene Welsh, President.
  Lynda Arnold, Carolyn Garber, Peggy Miller, Dave Radcliffe, Darlene Welsh, Tina Shupp.
Volunteer Hours
  October 2015: 87 hours
Secretary's Report:
  Motion to approve minutes of October 6, 2015 by Dave Radcliffe; second by Peggy Miller. Motion passes.
Treasurer’s Report:
  Report for October 2015 View Here
Equestrian Center Report: Darlene Welsh
  Peggy Miller provided the maintenance report – Harrison’s did a great job making repairs to the grounds damaged by bad weather during Harrison Mule Days. The portable toilet from A Flush Away has been removed. The brochure holder at the entrance needs to be refilled with Membership and Center brochures. The Center will be winterized/water turned off on 11/04/15. Combination locks to gates to show ring were unlocked; motorcycle (dirt bike) tire marks were in Ring 1.

“Exit Plan” – Lynda reported no work has been started yet; the run off/drainage in front of the locked gates at the entrance continues to create problems with the front parking area after any amount of rain.

*Notice to all users of the Equestrian Center rings: Every combination lock on the gates to both show rings was found unlocked – again. Discussion was held and agreed that if gates are found unlocked again, the combination will be changed. Please be sure to relock the gates when you have finished using the ring….spin the numbers on the lock and close the lock….check to make sure it is locked.
Equestrian Center Maintenance Report:
  Discussion was held in regards to regular mowing maintenance of the Center for 2015; the on-site tractor is inadequate for mowing the entire property that includes the "hay field." It is anticipated that volunteers will do the trimming around the rings and around the cross country jumps. Motion by Peggy Miller to obtain three proposals for mowing the Equestrian Center for 2015 season; second by Lynda Arnold. Motion passed. Carolyn Garber volunteered to prepare and distribute the Request for Proposal.
  Tina Shupp reported the Volunteer of the Year 2015 event was held on11/05/15 at South Carroll Senior and Community Center; CCEC recognized Jon Arnold for his dedicated trail work on the Gillis Falls Reservoir Area trails. Darlene Welsh, Carolyn Garber, Joe Dragan, Peggy & Bob Miller attended to represent the CCEC.
Old Business
  Trail Work Days
October 11, 2015 – Morgan Run NEA – Carolyn Garber thanked Joe Dragan, Randy Hulse, Frank and Karen Durilla for their work.

September 20, 2015 - Union Mills – Darlene Welsh provided report from Jessica Dustin that she and Mike worked on the trails that day. CCEC Social Dinner
October 13 at Fratelli’s in Hampstead. Darlene Welsh reported a great time and wonderful meal was enjoyed by all! Plans are being made for the next Social Dinner to be held at Maggie’s in Westminster; March dated TBA.

New Business
  2016 Calendar of Events

20th Annual Maryland Horse World Expo 2016
To be held on January 22 – 24, 2016 at Maryland State Fairgrounds Show Hours: Friday, January 22 Noon to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 23 9:00 – 7:00
Sunday, January 24 9:00 – 5:00
CCEC members are needed to staff the booth/contact Carolyn Garber via to volunteer.
Carolyn Garber reported that no response was received to the above request for booth volunteers for Horse World Expo.

Election of Officers/Board of Directors for 2016
(Rules of eligibility from the by-laws: Dues to have been paid by March 2015/Member in good standing by attending meetings at least 50% October 1,2014 – September 2015.
Nominations were:
Darlene Welsh – President
Carolyn Garber - Secretary
Peggy Miller – Treasurer
Lynda Arnold – Equestrian Center Manager
Janet Breeding – Board of Directors
Dave Radcliffe – Board of Directors
Motion to approve the slate of officers listed above by Dave Radcliffe; second by Lynda Arnold. Motion passed.

  Motion to adjourn by Peggy Miller; second by Dave Radcliffe. Meeting adjourned 8:30 p.m.
Did you renew your membership for 2015?
Inclement Weather Policy
  If CCPS are closed for the day due to inclement weather – meeting cancelled.
If CCPS has early dismissal due to inclement weather – meeting cancelled.
If CCPS schools remain open Mon-Fri and if the snow emergency plan is in effect – meeting cancelled.
Upcoming events please visit our: Calendar Page
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