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2016 Volunteer of the Year Michael "Mickey" Rogers
  Carroll County Equestrian Council 2016 Volunteer of the Year Michael (Mickey) Rogers

Since childhood, Mickey Rogers has been involved with horses by working with weanlings until age two when the racing training would start. His way of teaching the young horse about the world by spending quality time every day with them produces a horse that is safe and happy.

In the early years of the acquisition of Morgan Run Natural Environment Area by the MD Department of Natural Resources, Mickey discovered his favorite place to trail ride. Although the trails were mowed, each time he rode he carried hand clippers and a folding saw to trim the overgrowth as he enjoyed the area.

In encountering other riders he discovered there were organized trail work days, coordinated by the Carroll County Equestrian Council……that was over 10 years ago. Over the years, Mickey has been a regular participant in the six monthly trail work days; he is wicked with a hand saw and long handled pruners since, according to Mickey, “anything with a two-cycle engine comes to my house to die.”

During lunch after the trail work, the conversation sometimes turns to Mickey’s interest in history; although he enjoys the Civil War era, he has not yet ventured into the world of reenactment with horses.

Carroll County Equestrian Council member Carolyn Garber states, The trails at Morgan Run NEA continue to be the favorite destination for many who enjoy horseback riding, hiking, bird watching and other pursuits, thanks to Mickey’s dedication and hard work.”

The Carroll County Equestrian Council recognizes Mickey Rogers as their Volunteer of the Year for 2016.
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Volunteers tend to equestrian trails, seek more help
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Volunteer Hours…What's That?…Are They Important?…
What Counts?
  Volunteer Hours
Indicate a level of activity from each recreation council and Recreation and Parks. In FY 2014 the dollar value supported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor is $25.43/hour. Figures are used by Recreation and Parks to help justify operation and capital budgets.

Are they important?
The more documentation provided by the recreation council, the more credible it may be viewed by staff, the Recreation and Parks Advisory board members, grant funding agencies and elected officials when applying for self-help funds. Accurate numbers that truly reflect the level of volunteer support and commitment to programs and services are increasingly important in these difficult budget times.

What counts?
Any effort that contributes to the overall operation of the Council, its programs and the administration/operation of the Equestrian Center.
Including but not limited to:
Attending the recreation council meetings and special programs
Trail work days and other trail maintenance
Booth volunteers at promotional events such as
Horse World Expo and
4-H Horse Fair
Various duties as included in the responsibility of Officers/Board of Directors
Secretarial duties including membership and promotion
Treasurer duties
Equestrian Center Manager duties
Equestrian Center Facility Manager duties
Monitoring Facebook page
Lost Mule is Found Unharmed
  Morgan Run NEA 06/09/13
Two mule riders enjoying the trails at Morgan Run, had stopped and tied their mules to take a break. Several deer jumped up and spooked the mules, who headed back towards the trailer, parked at Ben Rose Lane. One mule was easily caught and kept at the trailer. The other mule evidently wanted to explore more of the trails riderless, although completely tacked with western saddle and bridle.

After four hours of searching without finding the fully tacked mule, a phone call was placed to Carolyn Garber, of the Carroll County Equestrian Council, as darkness was approaching.

Thanks to Carolyn Garber, Joe Dragan, Sue Bergmann and her husband and son, after another 1 1/2 hours, the mule was encouraged to return to the trailer and her pasture buddy.

Fortunately, although the mule had quite a long adventure at Morgan Run, it was not injured and this story has a happy ending!

The narrative above provides yet another reason to have trails that are wide enough for vehicles in the event of an emergency.

Please help us with trail maintenance!
Submitted by Carolyn A. Garber
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