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2017 Volunteer of the YearFrank and Karen Durilla and Buddy
  Carroll County Equestrian Council 2016 Volunteer of the Year Michael (Mickey) Rogers

After Frank found horses through Karen’s involvement with them, the Durilla’s moved to Carroll County fourteen years ago to be able to keep their horses on their own property. Once retired, they were looking for things to get involved in to stay active in the community. When riding at Morgan Run NEA and at the Carroll County Equestrian Center, the Carroll County Equestrian Council name was evident.

Now members for approximately five years, the Durilla’s are an integral part of the trail maintenance volunteers at Morgan Run NEA. When asked, “What keeps you doing what you do?” without hesitation, the reply was, “We just love our horses…there are so many things you can do with horses that it is never boring.” The Durilla’s commitment in helping to keep the trails open and accessible provides opportunities for all trail users to enjoy the rural flavor of this agricultural community.

In addition to their involvement in the Carroll County Equestrian Council, the Durilla’s volunteer with Patapsco Valley State Park, PVSP Volunteer Mounted Patrol, Meals on Wheels in Frederick County, and the Carroll Hospital Auxiliary.

The Durilla’s constant companion, Buddy, is an 8-year-old Border Collie/ Greyhound rescue. Buddy is a registered therapy dog and is a regular at Mt. Airy Day Care Center where he is quite the good listener as children read aloud, and he also provides comfort to those at the Cancer Center at Carroll Hospital.

The Carroll County Equestrian Council recognizes Frank & Karen Durilla and Buddy as their 2017 Volunteer of the Year.
2017 Hall of Fame Volunteer of the Year
Albert J. "Sonny" Biddison
  Carroll County Equestrian Council 2016 Volunteer of the Year Michael (Mickey) Rogers

During the years, Sonny Biddison (Albert J. Biddison deceased) held the office of President of the Carroll County Equestrian Council. Sonny led the Equestrian Council in their efforts to provide a place to hold equine related activities that would also be accessible to individuals that would like a safe place to work with their equine partners.

Several sites in Carroll County were suggested that were inadequate; the present location of 2512 Grimville Road between Woodbine and Mount Airy proved to be the most suitable. Early meetings at the site faced the normal challenges of some unsure final results.

Sonny’s leadership in creating fundraising events to raise the money needed for the improvements to the location, such as footing for the show rings and fencing etc. was the first step towards the facility as you see it today. Poker Rides on horseback, fun shows with horses in Halloween costumes, training clinics such as “Bombproofing Your Horse” and Jousting, raffles, dances at local fire halls, information booths at various fairs, festival and community events are all examples of Sonny’s fundraising ideas. He was very resourceful and obtained donations of materials and labor to enhance the facility.

In his memory in 2003, the announcers booth at the Carroll County Equestrian Center was named, “The Biddison Building.”

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Volunteers tend to equestrian trails, seek more help
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Volunteer Hours…What's That?…Are They Important?…
What Counts?
  Volunteer Hours
Indicate a level of activity from each recreation council and Recreation and Parks. In FY 2014 the dollar value supported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor is $25.43/hour. Figures are used by Recreation and Parks to help justify operation and capital budgets.

Are they important?
The more documentation provided by the recreation council, the more credible it may be viewed by staff, the Recreation and Parks Advisory board members, grant funding agencies and elected officials when applying for self-help funds. Accurate numbers that truly reflect the level of volunteer support and commitment to programs and services are increasingly important in these difficult budget times.

What counts?
Any effort that contributes to the overall operation of the Council, its programs and the administration/operation of the Equestrian Center.
Including but not limited to:
Attending the recreation council meetings and special programs
Trail work days and other trail maintenance
Booth volunteers at promotional events such as
Horse World Expo and
4-H Horse Fair
Various duties as included in the responsibility of Officers/Board of Directors
Secretarial duties including membership and promotion
Treasurer duties
Equestrian Center Manager duties
Equestrian Center Facility Manager duties
Monitoring Facebook page
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