Tuesday, September 7, 2021 7:30 p.m.
Carroll County Office Building Room 003-004 Lower Level
225 N. Center Street, Westminster, MD

• Welcome/Self Introductions of all Attendees

• Attendance/Volunteer Hours – Please sign in on appropriate sheets

• Gillis Falls Trail Project – Jeff Degitz

Director, Carroll Co. Dept. of Recreation and Parks

• Comprehensive Master Plan-Union Mills Recreational Area –Jeff Degitz, Director, Carroll Co. Dept of Rec and Parks

• Treasurer’s Report – Peggy Miller

• Equestrian Center Report – Lynda Arnold

• Equestrian Center Maintenance Report – Peggy Miller

• Recreation and Parks Report – Tina Shupp

• Union Mills Trails – Improvements made to Kowomu Trail Parking lot and repairs to a trail requiring stone dust to cover pipe. CCEC Board voted via email to purchase stone dust, straw and grass seed required for these projects. Signage on trails and access gates coordinated by Mark Schmidt and Hashawha Bear Branch staff.

• Piney Run Trails – Trail work coordinated by Stephanie Brennan. Board voted to purchase pipe needed to repair several trail crossings – pipe not yet delivered/installed.

• Carroll County Recreation and Parks 50th Anniversary Celebration – to be held Saturday 10/02/21. CCEC Board voted via email to provide sponsorship at Silver Level $250.

• Volunteer of the Year – event will be held on 11/09/21 at Carroll Arts Center. CCEC Board voted via email to recognize Stephanie Brennan and Mike Macella.

• Volunteer Hall of Fame – CCEC Board voted via email to submit Peggy & Bob Miller as a candidate for 2021 VHOF.

• Harrison Mule Days – to be held 10/02-03,2021 at the Equestrian Center

• Thanks to Linda Polzin (Facebook Administrator) and to Keir Knight (Webmaster) for keeping members informed!