In 1985, Carolyn started her volunteer journey with the Carroll County Equestrian Council, which has spanned decades. Additionally, she volunteered with both Bear Branch and Piney Run’s Recreation Council and was a member of the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board from 1994-2000, and again from 2013 to 2020.
One of Carolyn’s most notable achievements was the coordination of the first National Trails Day event in 1993, an event that garnered national attention. This momentous occasion not only placed the Carroll County Equestrian Council on the map, but also earned the prestigious “Trial for Tomorrow” award, an honor bestowed upon only 10 organizations nationwide. Carolyn’s relentless efforts have continued throughout the years, as she coordinated trail workdays on National Trails Day for an astounding 30 years, marking an incredible milestone in 2023. In addition, she has advocated for safe, accessible multi-use trails, ensuring everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Carroll County.
In recognition of her decades of service, her outstanding achievements in preserving our natural heritages, and pursuit of creating accessible and safe trail opportunities for all, we are proud to induct Carolyn Garber into the 2023 Volunteer Hall of Fame.

Joe joined the Equestrian Council in 2004 and currently serves on the Board of Directors. He spent 31 years with the PA State Police Tactical Mounted Unit and 15 years with Carroll County Government. Joe’s volunteer work includes clearing trees from trails, mowing/trimming, making repairs at the Equestrian Center, helping with fundraising and promotional events or in other words. anything that is asked of him. Always willing to help someone with a problem horse, Joe believes
that when working with a horse, if you treat a horse with a gentle hand and a lot of patience, it will come to trust you and it will do anything you ask of it because it wants to, not because it is forced to. We recognize Joe for his contributions to the Carroll County Equestrian Council.

Peggy & Bob Miller

Peggy & Bob Miller have been an important part of the Carroll County Equestrian Council for 35 years.

The Millers joined the council when a permanent location was selected for the Equestrian Center, near their home. Peggy has held various positions such as Board Member, Vice President for 2 years, Equestrian Center Manager/Equestrian Center Maintenance Manager from 1999 – 2011, Gillis Falls/Equestrian Center Trail Maintenance Coordinator from 1999-2018, Treasurer for the past 8 years and is the current Treasurer.

Bob designed, built and maintained several cross country jumps at the Equestrian Center. His design for the portable Hunter/Jumper Judges Stands made another contribution to the amenities offered to organizations renting the Equestrian Center for their events.

His expertise and knowledge was vital in determining the type of paint used on the Biddison Building, Dressage Judges Stands, storage trailers and gates.

Peggy and Bob have set quite an example of what two people can do to contribute to an organization like the Carroll County Equestrian Council.

Joe Hild

The Carroll County Equestrian Council recognizes Joe HIld as the Volunteer of the Year for 2022.

A trail rider for many years, Joe saw the need to help with the trail maintenance in the Union Mills Area. He purchased his own brush mower and other trail clearing equipment to help re-establish the historic trails on Spiegel Hill. In addition, when the trails were hit with a devasting storm on 07/12/2022 that blocked almost every trail with downed trees, Joe spent over 80 hours working with the Hashawha staff to reopen the trails within a month. Anyone who saw the damage would not have believed it was possible to have the trails re-opened within that time.

Joe said “I saw what Mark Schmidt was doing to keep the trails open and wanted to help…Union Mills Trails are easy for me to access…it’s my backyard. If you don’t know how you can help…just ask.”

Joe continues to assist in mowing and trail maintenance on a weekly basis. His commitment is admirable and is now recognized.

Volunteer of the Year 2021

Stephanie’s job as a statistician for the US Department of Agriculture brought her to Maryland in 2014. While Stephanie & Mike are relatively new members of the Carroll County Equestrian Council (CCEC), Stephanie has been involved with horses for most of her life. Her experience has ranged from showing hunter jumpers to Arabians and Saddlebreds, to competing in timed events like barrel racing. Stephanie was also a member of an equestrian drill team, and briefly dabbled in owning and racing a Standardbred. Mike, a native Marylander, and Stephanie’s biggest cheerleader, has supported her love of all things equestrian.

The duo is an invaluable asset to the Equestrian Council, taking on an active role and presence at Piney Run (undeveloped side, 440 Martz Road, Sykesville, MD). They have forged numerous relationships between the Equestrian Council, the local Lions Club, and local businesses in support of the equestrian
trails at Piney Run. In 2021 Stephanie and Mike have worked with the Piney Run staff to secure and install signage for the horse trailer parking area. Mike has designed, built and installed a new information kiosk. They are coordinating repairs to trails with funding provided by the Equestrian Council.

Today, Mike & Stephanie enjoy riding their two quarter horses on all the beautiful trails Carroll County has to offer. They are both working hard to keep Carroll County an equestrian friendly place to live.

Carroll County Equestrian Council recognized as part of the group nominated by Piney Run Park.

EITR Technologies, the Lion’s Club, Girl Scout Troop 5353, Stephanie Brennan and Mike Macella, and Carroll County Equestrian Council (CCEC) have organized events on the undeveloped side of Piney Run Park which have included trash pick up on the trails, trail maintenance, replacing new signs, and installing a new bulletin board. These volunteers have donated hours of their time to make the undeveloped side a better place for Piney Run Park patrons and equestrians.


Lynda Arnold

Since 1968 Lynda has been involved with horses and realized the various options equestrians pursue whether English/Western horse shows, breed shows, trail riding, or pleasure riding.  She and her husband shared their love of horses by becoming involved with the Appaloosa and POA (Ponies of the Americas) breeds.  Her interests include clinics by Clinton Anderson, Reining, Western Pleasure and Halter classes at horse shows.

From 2008 – 2013 she was the horse show manager for the Carroll County Western Circuit, an organization that holds shows at the Equestrian Center.

A member of the Carroll County Equestrian Council since 2008, Lynda has held the position of Equestrian Center Manager since 2015.  Her organizational skills are a valuable part of the operation of the Equestrian Center since she handles schedule of events and the rental contracts. She meets on site with vendors and renters to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Lynda stated “the most rewarding aspect of being the Carroll County Equestrian Center Manger is recruiting renters to keep it in use by equestrians.  I’m so proud of the Equestrian Center and the successful cooperative relationship we have with the Department of Recreation and Parks and Bureau of Facilities.”

Lynda is also actively involved in The Great Lisbon Farmers Feed the Hungry Christmas Parade which donates proceeds to Carroll County and Howard County Food Banks and to Lisbon Volunteer Fire Department.

This member of the Carroll County Equestrian County is now being recognized for the valuable contribution of her time, skills and talents.


Gilbert & Janet Breeding

• Actively serving as volunteers for 45 years and continue to serve.
• Worked with staff to install the first trail system at Piney Run that originally began as fire roads.
• As part of a Trails Committee (later renamed Carroll County Equestrian Council), instrumental in creating multi-use trails.
• Actively involved in the 1980s with the creation and maintenance of a trail system at Union Mills.
• Actively involved in the 1990s with the creation and maintenance of a trail system at Gillis Falls.
• Charter members of the Carroll County Equestrian Council with Janet holding offices of Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
• Trained other volunteers and trail users in safety, equipment use, forest conservation practices, and stewardship




The Carroll County Equestrian Council recognizes Mark O. Schmidt as their Volunteer of the Year for 2019.

Since 1966, Mark has been involved with horses and realized the importance of public land use for trails.

This newest member of the Carroll County Equestrian Council is now being recognized for the 20+years he has quietly volunteered countless hours to keep the Union Mills Trails open and accessible.

Coming from a family of woodsmen, holding a Masters degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Forestry and a deep interest in conservation of natural areas, Mark’s skills in trail maintenance are unmatched.

In addition to his involvement in the Carroll County Equestrian Council, Mark’s other interests include playing music, hiking and other horseback activities.



A charter member of the Carroll County Equestrian Council (CCEC), Joe Zentgraf held various offices including President, Vice President, and Board Member, and was always a volunteer at the booth for promotional events. Joe led the Equestrian Council in their efforts to provide safe access to the multi-use trails in the county that are enjoyed by many users. His original techniques with a machete while on horseback still remain memorable. Joe’s talent in leatherwork is unmatched; many of the equestrians in the community have tack, repaired saddles, sheaths to hold clippers onto the saddle, and original leather goods all made by Joe.

Joe’s quiet and patient nature was evidenced by the several “Stream Crossing” clinics he held at the Union Mills trails. Attendees were always appreciative of the success they enjoyed after attending a clinic and now having a horse that would cross water easily.
A believer that a partnership with horse and rider should enable them to enjoy many things together led to the creation of the “Joe’s Playground” at the Carroll County Equestrian Center. This area provides obstacles challenges such as opening a gate, picking up a pole, walking across a platform bridge and walking though the “car wash”.

Current CCEC President, Darlene Welsh says, “I remember attending a Guided Ride and witnessed Joe being a soft spoken horseman. Before the ride, he would slowly and gently warm up his horse/mustang, speaking softly from the ground…telling him he was a good boy. No doubt about it, Joe is a horseman, not a cowboy.”

Joe continues his interest in the equestrian community by attending equine promotional events.


Theone and Randy became interested in the Carroll County Equestrian Council when they moved to their property bordering Morgan Run.

Members for approximately nine years, Theone and Randy are actively involved in trail maintenance at Morgan Run. When asked, “What do you see as the future use of public land?” they stated, “Green spaces need to be preserved and maintained for public use. The future will likely demand that more of the maintenance work will need to be done with private labor and private money in the form of philanthropy and volunteerism.”

In addition to their involvement in the Carroll County Equestrian Council, Theone and Randy volunteer with TROT, Carrollton Hounds, League of Maryland Horsemen, and Valley Lea Riding Club. They share other interests in visiting national parks, photography and fox hunting.

The Carroll County Equestrian Council recognizes Theone Andrew and Randy Hulse as their Volunteer of the Year for 2018.