The Carroll County Equestrian Council held a trail work day at Morgan Run NEA on Saturday, 08/05/2023. Volunteers trimmed the overgrowth of vines and encroaching canopy, removed downed trees and mowed the trails.

Thanks to: Theone Andrew, Randy Hulse, Karen Case, Lisa Cliser, Sue Donaldson (and tractor/mower), Mark Schmidt, Adam Smith, Frank & Karen Durilla, Dave Radcliffe (and tractor/mower), David Fischbach (PVSP Maintenance;) Freedom District Lions Club members Tony Dercola, Jim Moore and Jill Huey.
Special thanks to Howard and Marty Lanham for providing the volunteers with lunch after their hard work!

Join us at our next scheduled trail work day on Sunday 09/10/23. Volunteers do make a difference!